What is remote support?

- We connect through the Internet to your device to provide service just as if a technician was there servicing the device



Do you see everything on my screen?

- In short yes we do. Please close any open documents before connecting to us for privacy.



Do you go through my personal files?

- No we do not.  We do not open, look or search your personal content.

- If you request us to look at a personal document for assistance, we need your explicit permission first



Once I connect remotely to you, can you connect to me anytime?

- No we cannot.  A remote session must be started by you and by your permission only.  You must click an “allow” button before ee can connect.


What are your business hours of service?

- We are open Monday through Friday 9AM to 6PM

- Appointments are available outside our business hours


Do you offer 24 hour support?

- Not yet!  We are currently expanding and will offer a 24 hour service soon


How much is your services?

- Every project is unique.  We provide a quote before any work is commenced and agreed upon.


Are estimates really free?

- Absolutely!  All support work appraisal is free of charge.

- We explain exactly what we do, what we offer and a solution tailored to your needs.


Do you collect personal data?

- The only information we collect is specific to the project and your contact information.

- We do not offer document storage, back up

- We only keep a record of our work we do for you


Do you store or collect my credit card information?

- No we do not.  The payment process is conducted on your connection and without us watching or capturing your financial information.

- We do not store any financial information.


Do you warranty work?

- Yes we do, however, warranty is specific to the work done.

- Virus cleaning and performance enhancements can be undone or an Internet infection soon after we have completed our work. Limited warranty applies.

- Customer satisfaction is guaranteed or you don’t pay.

- All parts are under manufacture warranty


Are you qualified?

- Yes we are. All our technicians are industry certified.







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